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New Parking Passes & Vehicle Safety

shutterstock_237994861From time to time we all run late and need to be in a hurry, some of us just live our lives in a rush, some of us simply enjoy driving fast…. But please REMEMBER we are an active neighborhood with many residents who enjoy being outdoors. The safety of all of our residents is, of course, a concern for us and we never would want anything to happen to a pedestrian or any one driving. So please, when you are in your vehicle remember to DRIVE SLOWLY THROUGH THE COMMUNITY. SAFETY is ALWAYS FIRST.

NEW RESIDENT PARKING PASS!! They are no longer the yellow stickers, they are now green tags that will be hung from your rearview mirror. lf you have no{ yet received the new tags we will be contacting you shortly to provide you with one,, Please be aware that they must be hung in your mirror while on property or you will be subject to being towed. Effective January 2, 2017!