New Parking Passes & Vehicle Safety

shutterstock_237994861From time to time we all run late and need to be in a hurry, some of us just live our lives in a rush, some of us simply enjoy driving fast…. But please REMEMBER we are an active neighborhood with many residents who enjoy being outdoors. The safety of all of our residents is, of course, a concern for us and we never would want anything to happen to a pedestrian or any one driving. So please, when you are in your vehicle remember to DRIVE SLOWLY THROUGH THE COMMUNITY. SAFETY is ALWAYS FIRST.

NEW RESIDENT PARKING PASS!! They are no longer the yellow stickers, they are now green tags that will be hung from your rearview mirror. lf you have no{ yet received the new tags we will be contacting you shortly to provide you with one,, Please be aware that they must be hung in your mirror while on property or you will be subject to being towed. Effective January 2, 2017!

How to Clean Your Refrigerator

refridgeratorRefrigerators can be one of those kitchen appliances that are taken for granted. They keep food cool and prevent it from spoiling. We only notice them when they fail to work or if a foul smell starts emanating from the interior every time we open the door. Food we bought weeks ago can be lurking in the back, uneaten.

So, don your rubber gloves, fill that bucket with warm water and get cleaning. It won’t take long. In fact, a couple of hours will probably do it. The fridge doesn’t even have to be turned off. You’ll thank yourself later.

  1. Take all your food out of the fridge.
  2. Throw out any aged, moldy or inedible food, bagging securely to prevent leakage or mold distribution.
  3. Take out any shelving, drawers (e.g. crispers), or other removable surface from the refrigerator.
  4. Wash the shelving, drawers, and other surfaces by hand.
  5. Wipe the inside of the refrigerator with a mild soap and water.
  6. Make sure to clean the fridge doors.
  7. Dry off shelving before putting it back in its home in the refrigerator.
  8. Reintroduce the food into the refrigerator. Make sure you wipe off any jars or bottles before you place them back in the fridge.



Safety Tips for a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner on Saturday, October 31, 2015. From the candy to the costumes, Halloween is a fun-filled time for kids and parents alike, but it can pose dangers. To help make this year’s festivity a trick-free treat, follow these simple safety tips:

1) Go trick or treating with an adult


2) Take a flashlight


3) Only visit houses with outside lights on.


4) Don’t go inside anyone’s house.


5) Wear a fun costume that doesn’t trip you.


6) If you wear a mask, make sure you can see. Better yet, paint your face instead.


7) Be careful near Jack-o-lanterns.


8) Don’t eat any candy until your parents check it.


Have a safe and spooktacular Halloween!!